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22 Nov 2019 – GenreCon Longest Book Launch – In Conversation with crime writer Sara Foster, State Library of Qld Terrace, 12.00 – 12.20pm. Free event.

24 Nov 2019 – GenreCon, panel moderator for “Why People Kill: Crime Psychology” featuring Candice Fox et al. More info and conference bookings here.

29 Nov 2019 – The Story Conference, “Multi-genre writing and storytelling for transformation.”  Conference bookings here.

28 March 2020 – “Introduction to Crime” writing workshop, Esk Library 9.30am – 12. 30pm. Contact the library closer to the date.

29-31 May 2020 – Rainforest Writing Retreat, “Mapping your Novel” workshop, Retreat bookings here.


From the time Lea Scott picked up her first crayon, creative writing has been one of her lifelong passions. Her mother’s cupboards are filled with self-illustrated books and stories penned from an early age. Other random life skills she has gained along the way include the ability to bait her own fishhook and shoot with a deadly aim…

With a PhD in Creative Writing and a degree majoring in Commerce, Lea could be coined a true ‘creative accountant’. Lea founded her lengthy accounting career in Insolvency – an area steeped in corporate crime. During this time, she faced adversaries both in court and at the end of a gun barrel. Occasional threats of bodily harm came with the job. This experience first whetted Lea’s appetite for crime stories. Lea was appointed to an executive role on the board of the Queensland Writers Centre in 2012 and gives up some of her valuable writing time to voluntarily serve QWC’s vision, which is for more Australian writers to have sustainable careers, and to be read and enjoyed throughout the world. She has also become involved in some of the training programs that QWC runs for authors at various stages QWC Writers Surgeryof their career and has been a guest speaker at seminars in Brisbane and regional Queensland, sharing her writing experiences and knowledge to inspire and assist writers to publish and market their own work. Lea also has the honour of being a mentor to budding writers under QWC’s ‘Writers Surgery’ program. Click here to find out more about this fabulous program.

Lea’s latest domestic noir novel Ebb and Flow, produced as part of her PhD project, has been long-listed for the 2018 Richell Prize for Emerging Writers with Hachette publishers, and for the Adaptable program with Screen Queensland. It is currently in the final editing stages.

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You wouldn’t believe some of the things a girl has to do in the name of research! The writing of One for All took Lea from plunging into steep aerobatic manoeuvres in a WWII war plane to traversing the rough Brazilian seas in a creaky boat, and riding a horse through the parched Arizona desert. She believes that experiencing her scenes helps her to write about them much more authentically for her readers.

Lea resides between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast hinterland in Queensland, Australia and while not writing, she divides her time between exploring other parts of the world and spending time with friends and family. While she still wets a line from time to time, the only birds Lea likes to shoot these days are the clay-pigeon type.


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