Creativity in the Blood
May 2009

Lyndon When Lea’s son Lyndon started high school , the one subject he knew he wanted to pursue was art. Lyndon’s outback painting is the background for the cover of Lea’s first novel, The Ned Kelly Game.

Lyndon has been drawing for as long as his mother can remember. “When I first set eyes on those ten tiny fingers, how could I have known what they would go on to create? It always amazed me how detailed his drawings were from an early age. His faces had features and his cars had door handles and radio aerials.” Guided by his grandmother, Lyndon began painting with oils at the age of eleven and it was soon evident that he had a natural talent. Without any formal lessons, he has produced works well beyond his years and has now begsignaturelhun to sell them.





Click on the images below to see other examples of Lyndon’s work, including the original artwork for The  Ned Kelly Game.


Outback Spirit                                  Canadian Peaks

If you would like to send Lyndon a comment on his artwork, please leave a message here.

The Design Team
May 2009

Simon's design team Simon, and his young design team (pictured) produced the book cover for The Ned Kelly Game. Simon is a highly skilled photographer, graphics designer and generally all round good guy. As the previous statement might have given away, he has also designed and built these web pages (and may have to keep the secrets behind editing web pages away from Lea).

He also runs his own blog, Dark Side of the Lens, aimed at teaching people the basics of digital photo editing. This is a free resource and well worth a visit if you are looking to get more out of your photos. Simon can be contacted via his blog.

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