Heaven’s Gate


In the Between


Heaven’s Gate

The morning breaks across the skies
Her world reflects within her eyes
Amidst the sounds of earthly dins
Another day her quest begins

As the sun begins to climb
She wipes the dream wisps from her mind
A stirring rises from the deep
What lies within will never sleep

Her shallow roots reach for the soil
But shun the earth in endless toil
Eternal search in time and space
A path to guide her to her place

A whispered promise on the wind
Around her it doth gently sing
It wraps her in its faithful lies
She knows its tune and sadly sighs

Thus again the daylight wanes
Darkness falls, her quest remains
Destined still, so it seems
Her slumber filled with moonlit dreams

Upon a steely beast he rides
A glimpsed reflection in his eyes
A world in which she finds her place
But yet she cannot see his face

Awakens she with hope each day
Lets nothing stand within her way
Her heart has learned to trust in fate
She holds the key to heaven’s gate


With the passing of the seasons
The notion endures
Yet the seed remains unsown
Reminiscent glory of fleeting springs
With longing to flourish and bloom
Seemingly endless summer splendours
Inevitably fade and wilt into
The winters of discontent

Now forgotten

A labyrinth of sturdy weeds snarl
And part their tangled heads
The tiny idea braces itself for awareness
Boosted by the soil of experience
It sprouts into existence
Discerning yet perceptive of its essence
Which nature, time and patience
Have nurtured into being

Spring has returned

In the Between

Not alive yet not dead
Neither starving nor fed

Not real yet not fake
Neither asleep nor awake

Not solid yet not frail
Neither freedom nor jail

Not reality yet not a dream
Neither alone nor a team

Not hidden yet not seen
It’s just in the between

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Lea Scott