The Avengers

May 2, 2012

Move over Iron Man, Hulk, Thor and Captain America, there’s a new superhero team in town and Lea Scott is among them!

Never content to just sit and write from my imagination, I took it to the limit last week taking part in an adrenaline packed aerobatic flight during a trip to Auckland, New Zealand.  Our team of four Harvard WWII planes set out flying in close formation across the bay performing military manoeuvres including a simulated bombing raid over the bay islands.  This is definitely not something to be taken on by the faint-hearted. Our Harvards climbed the skies before banking into a dive-bomb in quick succession at a speed delivering extreme G-forces that made me feel at one stage that my head might pop! But the euphoric adrenaline rush that followed and the exhilarating moments of weightlessness made the experience a huge buzz! I have to give thanks to my pilot, Gavin, who handled the remarkable 1930’s warbird with the greatest of skill.


Why, you ask, would I do such a thing? Well, for you, my readers, of course!  You could say I’ve been practicing ‘method writing’. One of my new main characters, Ricky Winger, is a stunt pilot and he pulls some pretty extreme stunts when he’s angry.  For him it’s the ultimate release.  Method actors attempt to evoke genuine emotion using this method, and I believe it can equally be applied to writing. If you’ve never experienced something, you can’t write convincingly about it; it wouldn’t resonate with anybody who has actually had the experience. And looking up the definitions and reading up on subjects like these simply won’t get the job done. So to understand and be able to convey Ricky’s emotions during these scenes I decided to walk in his shoes (or get strapped in his seat in this instance).  And wow, did it work for me!  I re-wrote the relevant scenes immediately after this experience while my sense memory (the recollection of sights, sounds, smells, textures) was fresh in my mind.  So I hope I’ve done you all justice and have brought more of a sense of realism to them. This isn’t the only scene that I have or will practice method writing with.  Sometimes it can even add a new dimension to the story (there was a heart-stopping snake encounter while ‘researching’ in the rainforest that I’ll be drawing on).  I hope when you eventually read my new novel you will feel the pulse of actual life that these experiences have brought into my writing.  Lea












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